Role of KVRSS Group

KVRSS Group is a world's renowned organization which is offering various services in Education, Publishing, Technology and Healthcare sectors. Recently, it became a sponsored partner of Crossref to offer the Crossref services like DOI, Reference linking, etc. It is having a lot of collaborations with the publishers, educational institutions, etc. They are regularly organizing various scientific conferences. While / after the conference, many participants are requesting the organizers to publish and index their abstracts in various indexing directories for increasing their citations / metrics in various indexing directories like Google Scholar, etc as well as to gain more attention from the readers / researchers, etc.

After receiving many requests from the conference organizers / its clients to publish their proceedings, the KVRSS Group has taken a decision to establish a platform, called IntelliMindEd, where it publishes the conference proceedings such as full papers / abstracts only.