Hosting of conference proceedings

Most of the publishers may ready to publish full conference papers but they are not willing to publish abstracts only! Most of the participants are willing to present their work and asking the organizers to publish and index their abstracts in various indexing directories like Google Scholar, etc in order to get the citations as well as to gain the more attention to their works!   

IntelliMindEd is ready to publish the conference proceedings with the abstracts or full papers and it will submit the proceedings to various indexing directories (>10 indexing directories like Google Scholar, etc). With our open access policy and indexing support, the published papers / abstracts will gain more attention and credibility.   

Online and offline event management

Parent organization of IntelliMindEd is the KVRSS Group which is offering various services for managing the scientific conferences. Few of them are given below.

  • Technical support like website / application development & management.
  • Registration system management.
  • Publishing of conference proceedings and its printing.
  • Distribution of the conference proceedings in CD-ROMs and USB sticks!
  • Indexing of conference proceedings (even only abstracts also).
  • DOI assigning to the conference proceedings.
  • Assigning ISBN to the conference proceedings.
  • Certificates printing and distribution.
  • Enabling certificate tracking system to check the authenticity of the certificate.
  • Integration of review management system to screen the papers.
  • Typesetting / layout design / editing of conference proceedings.
  • Quick review and publication.
  • Rapid visibility.
  • Citations and other metrics.
  • Open Access.
  • 24/7 support.
  • There are few more but not limited to above!